It took a while, but.......

WELL.... after 5 years of labor- of- love coring, chopping, pureeing, stovetop cooking, and hand bottling tomatoes (as well as hand labeling and capping and cleaning the jars), we at Natural Blonde are LEAPING out of the Stone Age and into the realm of modern age bloody mary production! Starting this week, our new facility on St Helena Island will be finally up and running... a state-of-the-art, fully automated, highly functional system that is a total game changer for us! We will now be able to expand our capacity for bottling to a level that will let us be able to open up new markets in other states (looking for mass distribution NOW....wink wink!). For those of you who have been sending us emails about where to find our mix outside of S.Carolina, please be patient but stay alert.... John is working VERY HARD to get our mix to your state asap! If you are interested in getting our product to your neighborhood, one thing you can do to help us is to ask your local stores or bars or restaurants to ask how THEY can get our mix to you, and the chain will start moving. Since we are a very small company, any help we get from y'all is crucial. The more you can create interest, the quicker we can get distributors on board to pick us up and keep YOUR cost down! Shipping can be very expensive, and we wish we could do more to keep that cost down, but your best bet is getting us into your local stores. We thank ALL of you who email, call, or meet us at events for your kind words of encouragement and support.... it means more than you know! Hope to see y'all soon!

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